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Caravans + Motorhomes

With ernormous passion, we have been developing, producing, and distributing products for camping vehicles for decades, products which ensure campers all over the world feel more at home and enjoy their holidays to the full.

In particular, we have specialised in particular in rooflights for caravansand motorhomes over the decades. Our rooflights enhance the comfort and, consequently, the cosiness of camping vehicles through efficient ventilation systems for a healthy and pleasant exchange of air and transparent glazing which allows abundant daylight to penetrate.

In addition to rooflights, we also produce numreous other components for leisure vehicles, including exterior connectors, gas outlet boxes, vents, floor vents, grab handles and hingers.

Numerous well-known manufacturers already place their trust in our continuity, flexibility and, naturally enough, quality.

We will be more than happy to receive your inquires!

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