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Can I purchase MPK products directly from you?

For you as an end user, it is unfortunately not possible to purchase complete rooflights directly from us.

For this please contact a dealer of your trust References / our partners

You can also request accessories and spare parts for your MPK rooflights directly from us.

You can find all spare parts in our spare part catalogue Downloads

We are happy to help you


Where can I find the installation and operating instructions?

The installation and operating instructions can be downloaded from our website Downloads


Where can I find the registration number (E13) and general operating permit for the TÜV?

The approval number (E13 * 43R *) is stamped on the outside of the outer dome.

On our website you will find the required operating license for download. Downloads

What is the maximum speed for your rooflights?

We recommend a maximum speed of 160km / h for the VisionStar and VisionVent models and 130km / h for all other models.

Make sure that the rooflights are always mounted in the direction of travel with a hinge or with an opener and make sure that they are locked before driving off.

My rooflight has no fastening material (screws / gasket).

Screws and gaskets are not included, as the length of the screws and the sealant to be used depend very much on the respective installation situation. You will find information on this in the installation and operating instructions. Downloads

My rooflight is broken, which replacement dome do I need?

Our rooflight models 42, 46, 4600 and VisionVent M are basically interchangeable (modular principle). The corresponding replacement domes can be easily attached to an existing outer frame with the cut-out size of 400x400 mm.

The modular principle also applies to the cutout 280x280mm.

Can a combi or pleated frame be retrofitted?

Our inner frames for rooflights with the cut-out size 400x400 mm can be exchanged with each other. This also applies to hoods with the cutout 280x280 mm.

280x280 mm (modular principle).

Can the permanent ventilation of my rooflight get closed?

Our VisionStar model is available with or without permanent ventilation. By installing a seal, it is possible to subsequently close the permanent ventilation dealer

However, we strongly advise against closing the permanent ventilation, as a minimum value of permanent ventilation in the vehicle has be there. In the vehicle, dangerous CO² formation can occur. If you still want to close the permanent ventilation, please contact your vehicle manufacturer in advance.

All other models are offered by us only with forced

ventilation, closing the forced ventilation is not possible.

How do I best clean the interstices of my VisionVent?

After dismantling the telescopic displays from the frame, we recommend soaking the hood in a water-filled container (such as a bathtub) and then pulling it through the water by the handles so that the dirt can be flushed out.

Please do not use any cleaners as they could attack the plastic!